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First of all one must be respectful to others. Even most restpectful with such a good and successful man like Charles Pope and humble as well.

Charles Pope's study, i am not expert of, i dont know if it lacks any, is a " must-be-done" and a needed study: "Syncronicity study of the Egyptian Study and The Bibles" .

Humble and poor from my part to be honest, syncronicity study must be distributed to "general time" and to "today" as well. Biblical events are all events of our time; mostly the revealation part is full of events of today: "broken seals". Messiah of Bible is the coming messiah. The sample figures like phoenix and serpent on the pharoah masks can be seen "centuries ago and later" from Egytp.

If to give an example, as i told before,(ok, i accept nobody cares me :) "Phoenix" means "Anka" in Turkish. "Phoenix" is a "God"; a managing power on the Earth. The name of the capital city of Turkey now is Anka_Ra , thats "God Phoenix", or "Phoenician Super Power" .

Phoenix is also said to be related to King Solomon, Holy Shiloh of Bible is in Turkey , and the capital city of Turkey now is "Ra Phoenix". Whats the syncronicity now?

Egyptian Study and What Erol Asya studies are somehow different aspects. I also believe He is a very learned man. But learned people should know there is objective wisdom there.

And one must learn to respect other people who respect you.

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