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It seems to me that over many centuries humankind has been over-exposed to mystification. I could fill a page with a list of writings from the past that are easily categorized as mysticism and secret teachings. For example, Druidism, Mithraic Rites, Gnosticism, Eleusian Mysteries etc – and I include the Bible and especially Revelations in this list.

My objective is to demystify ancient and modern mysticism and this is why I was initially attracted to this site where Charles presented tools that enabled me to demystify Biblical texts.

It seems noble to say it but I believe that we must draw back the curtain that shrouds these mystical texts and discover the truth rather than and accepting that we “have to have faith”. This is the only way that civilization progresses in my view.

Because of this discussion board I am now able to see that astrology for example is embedded in the Bible and probably a lot of other mystical texts as well. So mysterious texts suddenly appear to contain descriptions of totems in the night sky - and devils suddenly become descriptions of comets.

Surely we have to rise above childish beliefs that Biblical miracles are mysterious (hospitals and doctors perform these every day in the modern world – think about it) and mysterious beliefs in virgin births ( is artificial insemination a virgin birth? – think about it).

So I, like others, would like to see contributions that demystify rather than those that create even more mysterious concepts.

What is in the psyche of humankind that aims towards mystification? That's another topic for another day that I can elaborate if requested to do so.

Finally, in a discussion board such as this it is inevitable that wild ideas and idiosyncratic views get presented because one jolting illumination of a new reality stimulates the brain and the imagination - a normal human response that we must tolerate.

And thank you Charles for providing a vehicle that demystifies me.

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