The Herod Family


A quick look at the life of Herod “the Great”, initially governor of Galilee shows that he had close links with Rome and particularly Mark Antony. The Roman senate made him King of Judea, a position he held for about 32 years. He married Mariame (or was it Mariamne?) He became friendly with Tiberius Augustus apparently and especially the minister Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, which I point out because the Herod family tree used these names for various offspring. It seems that Herod had numerous wives and about 14 children.

It will take me some time to search the entire family tree but already it seems that New Testament names are popping up as you have pointed out.

A good search of Mariame and/or Mariamne (were there two of them?) life stories could be very illuminating. Did one of them have an immaculate conception?

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