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Thanks for your response. I received in via e-mail. I was not going to post further here since I wasn't sure who is trying to be serious here for actual discourse into a lot of things associated with Egypt and the Ancients. I thought it was obvious we were here to talk about Mr Pope's Book and also more that is directly or indirectly related such as other authors literature and and all kins of theories. Trying to figure out the Book of Revelations and perhaps its link to Egyptian folklore was where I was going with my Conversation. If I were allowed to finish, I would have explained that I believe the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD inspired the writer of the Book of Revelation and that The Book of Revelation was really that Egyptian Extension. I wasn't going to stop there though. I do not believe the Egyptians were involved in mindless things and worthless rituals OF superstition. There were somethings more to it than meets the eye. If you wish to discuss that with me, let me know. Perhaps our Dear Mr Pope is too far in the right field for me to speak about certain things of Egypt and various theories proposed as to how Egyptians saw things. Our dear Solomon is way too far in Left field and I can't even understand what he's saying paragraph to paragraph. I hope you can stay with me if you try to meet me somewhere in the middle. I am here to exchange ideas and theories with a lot of folks, not just Mr Pope or Solomon the Messiah. Oh well, Its OK though, I'll get over it too.
It's silly to be emotional about all this anyways. This stuff is suppose to be FUN, Yeah FUN!

As for Astrology, is it OK for us to talk about Astrology here or its theorietical effects? I don't want you to get into trouble either. I believe Astrology was used by the Egyptians and they knew it was for energy invocation rather than for forecasting. Their prayers for the return of the Sun as to be understood that way is quite foundless. Common sense question from is.....Anyone ever ask themselves why would Egyptians in a Hot desert need to pray for a sun to return, when it was quite sure and obvious the Desert would never fall short of these hot sunny days? Ding, ding, ding, HELLO! I believe the Egyptians were more than mere SUN Worshippers. I believe this is a naive interpretation to think that the SUN was worshipped itself and in itself only. The Prayers were encrypted initiation codes and were really about initiations into the Mystery Schools. Just like the Alchemists, many of the encrypted codes were scrambled together with Myths and astrological symbols that would come to be known as The Egyptian Religion. These Religions were encrypted images that went in the initiation schools. Christianity is one such example of a Mystery Initiation school made symbolic publicly in a backwards sort of way. To take The Christian Religion in literal is the same mistake as to take the Egyptian Religion in literal form. Theor UNDERWORLD was not literally a SPIRIT etherical world. It was the initiation chamber itself of the "Tuat". That was the whole purpose of the initiation into the mysteries that even Many Pharaoh's went through. These mysteries are not readily available to just anybody observing their culture centuries later. This was also the reason why I brought up Freemasonry and Secret Societies. The Djedi School was the proto-type of these kinds of societies. This is because there seems to be this ritual society that descends from Egypt that still influences the decisions made in the world today and its international policy and they use ritual imagery in those decisions. You would be amazed how many Royal Societies of influence that have geneologies that go back to Egypt. I believe this is worthy to note if we want to really understand Egypt. Why does Masonry have Biblical/Egyptian overtones? This is what I am trying to answer with someone who has some sense to go out on a branch with this one.

I admire the Egyptian culture on several levels. I do not necessarily approve of their slavery code and some of their human ways, but what culture acted like Saints? Should I refrain from studying Hinduism or The Cultural History and insights of India just because I disapprove of practices and behavior of their culture? Of course not. The same goes for Egypt.

In my conclusion, I believe the Temples of inititian were many. Some chambers were to invoke actual Star System symbols into the Temple itself. The Djedi would actually initiate himself as if he were the "SUN" himself flowing through the constellations. This was why the prayer came into being. It was to promote the Djedi to past his obstacle course tests of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peaks. The Book of Revelations is this kind of Book of The Dead Test. This was all to invoke the power of THE NETERU energetic forms. It was the belief they could arrange the control of the powers of nature itself through these ritual chambers.

See, that doesn't sound superstitious, that sounds like still todays modern quest of mankind. Constrol of the Elements. It was the hope that The Pahraoh could embody that hope of power. Ground Heaven and Earth. This is similar to the Bonn priests of Tibet in a slight way.


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