Herod as Solomon, Jesus as Elisha
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If Christianity were a murder case (and I suppose it well should be), then the family of Herod would be the prime suspect. But amazingly, very few have ever explored the possibility that they could have been the perpetrators. This past winter Oscar David Calle Mesa (translator of the Spanish edition of DomainOfMan) helped me research this subject. There are almost no relevant studies available in English, but he made me aware of a few in Spanish. Oscar also directed me to the fictional novel written by the famous mythographer Robert Graves. In this work, Antipas (the eldest son of Herod the Great) was made the true father of Jesus.

There was at least one thread here on the forum that discussed the topic. My paper, "Mary Magdalene, Harlot or Queen" was a first attempt at making the case for a Herodian identity for Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You can access this from the main page of DomainOfMan. At first I thought that Aristobulous (another son of Herod the Great) was the father of Jesus, but have since decided that Antipas (as the Herodian "Gabriel") was logically the right choice, even as Robert Graves speculated.

The true identities of Jesus and the disciples within the extended royal family have now been worked out, as well as those of Paul and Silas. The key to this was recognizing that Herod himself assumed the dual typecasting of Jacob and Solomon. Those who have studied my on-line book know that these are complementary roles. In other words, by taking the composite identity of Solomon (and rebuilding Solomon's temple), Herod also assumed the constituent roles of Jacob and Shiloh. The sons and grandsons of Herod were then assigned identities consistent with Herod's. For example, the leading sons became "Reuben/Gabriel", "Simeon", "Levi", "Judah", "Issachar", "Zebulun", etc. A nephew of Herod was called the "Joseph". Some of these same family members were also given Solomonic roles such as "Rehoboam", "Jeroboam", and "Asa/Ahab". Prominent grandsons were designated as "Elijah/John the Baptist", "Elisha/Jesus", etc.

It is not a complicated solution, but one that largely depends on an understanding of the basic Old Testament relationships expanded upon in my on-line book. Sadly, although thousands of people visit this web site every month, I'm not getting a "warm fuzzy" that many are grasping the concepts. This makes me reluctant to continue handing out powerful, world-changing material that isn't going to be appreciated. (Yes, I am asking people to stop being anonymous moochers and make a commitment to this research, not financially, but intellectually and emotionally. I'm not here to be anybody's hero. Those who are benefitting from this site should not expect me to storm the proverbial gates of Hell alone.)