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As you may have noticed I've been more than just a little bit irritated lately.

A long-time email correspondent just wrote to express his deep disappointment at my remarks about the Egyptian 18th Dynasty having been a backward, superstitious age. Sorry folks, I am not enamored by ancient Egypt. I don't put pictures of Akhenaten and Nefertiti up on my walls. There really is very little about their culture that I can respect. And besides, when we make a fetish of Egypt it prevents us from making an objective analysis.

I'm also completely peeved at people who come into the forum although they have no interest in studying the on-line book that has been provided. The forum is here for the express purpose of discussing aspects of the on-line book. Posters should have a good working knowledge of the book. If someone needs to ask a "stupid question" my email address is provided. The forum is also indexed by the search engines. So also consider that when you post.

Think about it, since I posted Part III of the book a year ago, I don't recall a single post by a reader concerning that material. I rarely even get an email just to say thanks for the web site. So maybe I should just take the entire book off the web and form my own secret society, a secret society of one. What does everybody think about that idea? As it is said, "you don't know what you have until it is gone".


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