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When was Enoch written? My belief is that it was probably added to, amended, rewritten etc so many times that to place a date on it is almost impossible. No doubt some of was done in Babylon – maybe lots of it. Personally I cannot see any Babylonian influence.

More likely in my opinion is that many of the Psalms were based on parts of Enoch, so I am suggesting Enoch was mostly written prior to “Babylon”.

In other words Enoch influences Psalms rather than Psalms contributing to Enoch.

Your other observations are quite valid in my opinion – the concept of religion being a virtual business.

I would take this a step further – religion was a means of power, influence and control of the populace by the hierarchy of the time. Here's another observation: the multiple gods of the ancient Egyptians was not conducive to central hierarchical control, whereas the one-god concept introduced by Akhenaten was an amalgamation; a tool to consolidate power and influence. The revolution at the time of Akhenaten was the masses rebelling against central power.

To sort of sum up my line of thought generally – I am looking at the “evolution” of the Book of Enoch over many centuries that seems to run in parallel with the “evolution” of religion over the same period. And hence my theory is that Akhenaten's one-god evolved to become the beliefs of the Essenes.

To put it in a rather absurd form – I am looking at the possibility that the beliefs of the Essenes was basically “Akhenatenism”.

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