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Hi Robert,

My understanding is that the Book of Enoch was written in Babylon perhaps as late as 300 BCE. Now that would place it at quite a distance from the time of Akhenaten - let alone Enoch himself!

I believe sometime in the period from 3000 to 2000 BCE the elites discovered a fact that we know quite well today - there is a lot of money to be made in the business of religion! Perhaps, with Dmuzi/Osirus, the elites found the recipie: resurrection, eternal life, the weighing of the soul, etc., that made the state a going proposition. My point here is that we shouldn't think that great wealth has to belong just to a few historical personages. I think "The Way" with the backing of Herod the Great would have had the wealth to necessitate the copper scroll for their own accounting needs, but that is just an opinion. I would agree in principle that much of western religion comes from Egypt - and Akhenaten would have had a hand in that.

Finally, I think many groups met and coalesced at Qumran not just the Essenes. There was never just one primordial christian group, there were many and they were always arguing. They are arguing still.

Have a great day!

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