Re: The Sun, Moon, and Stars Worship Me


Yes, it does not matter if someone believes in Astrology or not, that does not change the fact that energies & frequencies from the Stars and planets bombard us and can affect behavior and events. The CIA and Universities have done experiments to prove that frequencies to the brain can directly change ones behavior an activity mode. If Gravity affects us from the Sun and the Moon, then why would anyone assume that this is the only phenomena that comes from these bosies. There is Light, Other forms of EM Energies, Radiation and some say an Aetheric influence. This is would various cultures called LIFE FORCE Energy and what the Egyptians called SA. Now the way Astrology is used to PREDICT the future is perhaps the only area of Astrology I disagree with since nobody has ever created a perfect predictive model 100% correct. However, there has developed technology that you can create a astrological greehouse effect through subtle energy technologies to alter your LIfe, Fate, etc. Though FREE WILL is a player in our own FATES, there are things Free Will is challenged by.

To be more fair, ASTROLOGY is still a Dogma, a method believed to do furtune telling from the Stars. Rather, I see the STARS and PLANETS more like satellites one can use to harness. Rather than the STARS controlling your FATE, I believe the STARS & PLANETS can be more of a ally in your journey an one can draw upon their energies to create change itself. This might be what you call a para-astro affect of Remote Influencing.


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