Re: The Sun, Moon, and Stars Worship Me


No matter what you call it, in ancient times there was no separation between what you today call astronomy and astrology. As we all know, modern astronomy is limited to the study and measurement of the physical movements and masses of the heavenly bodies and so forth, while astrology is also the study of more subtle astral energies of the universe, which of course go unnoticed by academic science. (Of course, theres a lot of non-serious astrology around today as always but that does not prove that there is no serious astrology around too, "sacred" or not).

Karl Anderson in "Astrology of the Old Testament" has Asher linked to Virgo ("his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties" clearly alludes to the harvest time sign Virgo). Further he has Gad - Pisces (Gad being a play on the word Dag, the Fish). The blessing goes: "... he shall overcome at the last", i.e. the Sun in Pisces finally overcomes winter as it crosses over the line and enters Aries, the spring sign. He also has Issachar - Taurus (Issachar being "a strong ass", a beast of burden like the ox).

If you want to consider the Karl Anderson list, I posted it in a previous message at:;read=1839

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