Labour Union Strife in Ancient Egypt

Here is my demystified interpretation of the early chapters in the Book of Enoch.

There were times of trouble [Enoch 1:1]

I spoke with the leader (of royalty?) [Enoch 1:3]

Everyone was afraid [Enoch 1:5]

A flood is coming along with crop failures [Enoch 1:6]

Endurance is stretched to the limit [Enoch 6:4]

The children of royalty (or priests?) are living and mating with the people [Enoch 7:3]

Samyyaza seems to be the chief priest [Enoch 7:9]

The priests are educating the populace [Enoch 7:10]

The women mating with royalty or priests produces the birth of great people [Enoch 7:11]

Work on statues is using up many people [Enoch 7:13]

The workers are eating wildlife [Enoch 7:14]

The exploiters of labour are unpopular [Enoch 7:15]

The leadership is corrupt [Enoch 8:2]

The workers protest at the palace gates [Enoch 9:2]

They complain about the new technology [Enoch 9:5]

The leaders of royalty ignore the plees [enoch 9:13]

Royalty (or the priests?) send a spy amonst the people [Enoch 10:1 & 2]

Continue reading the Book of Enoch to find out how these labour union troubles were resolved!

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