Astrological Reform Needed?
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Much of the vagueness of the Jacob blessings in Genesis goes away when it is realized that each son represents a particular god or goddess in the ancient pantheon. That is the breakthrough offered. The further mapping of these tribe names/gods to Zodiac signs is also offered for those who may want to rethink Astrological relationships. It was not however my intention to write a discourse on Astrology. Here are just some brief thoughts on each sign.

1) Dan is universally associated with the serpent and the serpent constellation Scorpio. He is further associated here with the god Atum and the Patriarch Adam.

2) Reuben, it has now been shown, is the tribal name of Geb-Ninurta-Satran, who was also called "The Archer." The archer constellation, Sagittarius, "shoots" at the serpent constellation of Scorpio.

3) Judah is universally associated with the lion and the lion constellation Leo. He is further associated here with the god Horus the Elder/Adad.

4) Gad is as strongly associated in his blessing with the bull as Dan is with the serpent and Judah with the lion. He therefore should not be denied an association with the bull constellation of Taurus. He is further associated here with the maimed god Anu and the Patriarch Cain.

5) Asher corresponds to the god Enlil/Shu. In mythology, Enlil is associated with the Tropic of Cancer, that is, the "band of Enlil."

6) Joseph, it has now been shown, corresponds to the god Ea/Enki/Ptah. In mythology, Ea/Enki is associated with the Tropic of Capricorn ("band of Enki"). He is further associated here with the Patriarch Enoch. The scepter of Ea/Enki was topped by the goat-fish, which is also the symbol of the constellation of Capricorn. The sun traverses between the tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere and the tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. The god Marduk/Re (as the Sun/Jacob-Israel) was bounded by his father Ea/Enki/Ptah and the leading god Enlil/Shu.

7) Issachar, it has now been shown, corresponds to the god Osiris/Shochar/Dumuzi. This god was called the "Water Pourer" and the "Gardiner." Water-pouring is the symbol of the constellation Aquarius. The root Aq/Ach is also associated with Osiris.

8) Levi corresponds to the god Set/Enkimdu. This god was the killer of Osiris/Dumuzi and was later demonized in Scripture as Satan and Leviathan. The name of the constellation Libra is related to the name Levi. The symbol of Libra is the scales. The god Seth was the god who tested (even persecuted) things.

9) From a Biblical standpoint, the twin of Levi was Simeon, who corresponds to the god Thoth/Nabu. Simeon and Levi are called brothers (in bloodshed) and given a common blessing in Genesis. Doubleness is also a characteristic of Thoth/Nabu/Nigishidu.

10) Benjamin corresponds to Horus the Younger/Lugalbanda, the god of conquest and "legitimate succession". This god was compared with the rising and strengthening sun in Egypt and corresponds to the springtime constellation of Aries. This is the time of year that the sun grows in power and when kings traditionally sent out their armies for war. Aries is the constellation of war. The symbol of Aries is the ram. In contrast, Benjamin is compared to a ravenous wolf, and one that like the sun begins to attack at sunrise and does not divide the spoil until night.

11) Zebulun was shown to represent the goddess Yzebel-Isis, Mistress of the Wind and Waves. The Age of Pisces could very well be called the "Age of Isis" and the age of Isis worship in its many forms. Pisces is associated with the oceans and the emotions. The Age of Pisces emphasized the ecstatic in religious experience. Pisces is also linked in ancient times with Anunitu, an epithet of Ishtar/Isis.

12) The blessing of Naphtali is by far the most feminine, and was shown to correspond to the Biblical Eve and the goddess Hathor/Ninhursag. The symbol of the constellation Virgo, "The Virgin", is also a woman. The birth of Eve was considered a virgin birth in that it did not involve conventional sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. However, it must be said that Isis also assumed this aspect of perpetual virginity, and that Hathor/Ninhursag was before Isis also associated with the oceans (as Rahab/Tiamat).

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