The Zodiac Mappings of Chart 2
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Hi Charles!

I have now studied the Four Tutorials - including the footnotes - to see whether the Zodiac attributions of your Chart 2 make any sense astrologically. However, there seems indeed to be very few astrological statements in the text (even in the footnotes). From the little Ive found Ive made the following observations.

To begin with, Jacob/Israel as the Sun of course makes sense. Also your mapping of Aries onto Benjamin is very convincing. Judah-Leo and Dan-Scorpio are the only representations everybody seems to agree on. So they make sense, too. And also, you represent Gemini by Simeon, which is also most often agreed on - although Karl Anderson, whom I consider the foremost authority on Bible Astrology, has Simeon AND LEVI as the Twins (Gemini).

So far it looks pretty good. But - sad to say - from here on I cannot find much in your writings that astrologically supports the Zodiac mappings of your Chart 2. On the contrary, some of them are extremely incompatible, as Ive already pointed out in our previous discussion.

Of course, the "blessings of Jacob" upon his "12 sons", like most of the Bible, are rather vague and enigmatic, and so the Zodiac representations may be interpreted in various ways according to the whim of the interpreter. Perhaps, though, a close study of the original Hebrew text might reveal the true Zodiac signs once intended by the author.

The way I see things, astrology - just like mathematics - is a thing discovered by humans rather than something invented. Its already there - whether humans recognize it or not (and modern materialistic and fragmentary science certainly does not).

Thus, the "seven planets" (like the "seven gods" or the seven whatever) are different aspects of the one creative, sustaining, as well as destructive consciousness and force at work in the "four directions" or "four elements" of the vast cosmos in which we live, thereby creating the 12 (3x4) Zodiac divisions of the circle - the very rhythm or ebb and flow of our life.

And thus the daily and yearly movements and relationships of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and planets represent or express the creative/sustaining/destructive consciousness/force (the Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva of the Hindus, as well as the cardinal/fixed/mutable qualities of astrology) that lies at the heart of all creation - of the vast macrocosm as well as everything in it, every single microcosm.

Since this universal consciousness/force is at work everywhere it fully permeates human culture and civilization and all the ancient myths of man. Therefore things repeat themselves - with certain variations - and thus there is "nothing new under the Sun".

Seen in this light, maybe the many repetitions of history are not so consciously staged but instead "built into" the fabric of human life from the very beginning, so to speak?

Anyway, the Bible - as well as other mythical writings - should be recognized as the - slightly veiled - "astrological textbook" it actually is. Only then it becomes obvious what its all about.

Best regards, Helge

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