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Hi Robert!

I think you describe it well when you say the so called "Book of Revelation" is a "messy mass of mystical symbolism".

In her book (which I dearly recommend) "The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold" Acharya S says of the Book of Revelations:

"Despite all the brouhaha surrounding it, Revelation is not a 'book of prophecy'... The Book of Revelation is in fact an encapsulation of the ancient astrological mythos and religion, a part of which is sacred numerology."

And Barbara Walker in "The Womans Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" says: "The Bibles Book of Revelation purports to be a doomsday-vision experienced by St. John the Divine, but it is in fact a collection of images and phrases from many sources. Literature of this kind was plentiful in the first few centuries A.D."

Some comments on your list of Revelation symbolism:

The Lamb of course refers to the Zodiac sign Aries, the Ram or Lamb. The Sun in Aries is the "young Sun", the "David" who overthrows the "Goliath" of the winter half of the year.

The woman "clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars upon her head" all the way alludes to ancient astrological lore. As the Zodiac sign Virgo, "clothed with the Sun" in August, the hottest month of the year, she is Mother Nature or the Egyptian Aset (the Greek Isis) or the Christian Vigin Mary. "Standing on the Moon" refers to matter dominated by spirit. The twelve stars, of course, point to the twelve Zodiac signs or constellations.

"A Lion, an Ox, a Man, and an Eagle" means the so called fixed cross of the astrological horoscope. It points to the four fixed (immovable) signs of the Zodiac: Taurus (ox or bull), Leo (lion), Scorpio (the eagle as the alternative symbol of this sign), and Aquarius (man). There are three different crosses in a horoscope: the cardinal, the fixed, and the mutable cross.

Best regards, Helge Harbard