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Revelations is a mass of complex symbolism.

Not only alchemy and the other mystic symbolism mentioned but it also seems to be a mix of paganism, Atlantian mythology, Gnosticism, Egyptian mysticism, Chistianity, astrology, numerology, Qabbalistic mysticism, personal mystical experience (perhaps drug induced), Eleusinian mysticism, Phyrgian mysticism and probably the original hidden or destroyed Sybbline Oracles.

Here's a few little observations of the symbolism:

The "lamb" was the symbol of Christ during the early centuries of the Christian church and the "lamb" symbolism seems to introduce Babylonian (Sumerian) concepts where the lamb was a sign of the zodiac rather than Aries the ram.

From ancient Egyptiam mysticism we can see:

the "woman clothed with the sun" is symbolic of Egyptian Isis

her son about to be delivered seems to be Horus

the great beast rising out of the sea could be the constellation of Cetus (the whale)

the judgement is similar to the Egyptian weighing of souls

the abyss is almost certainly ancient Egyptian

"his face shone like the sun" is Egyptian

"these are the words of the Amen" - an Egyptian god

"like a lion ... an ox ... a human face ... an eagle..." seems to be a sphinx

"scrolls" are associated with Egyptian Thoth

"the lamb took the scroll" - the message from Egypt passes to the Christians perhaps?

But in general terms John's Revelations seem to be a messy mass of mystical symbolism.

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