Daer Mr Pope,

I have been searching into the mysteries of the Book of Revelation for more than 20 years. There have come no doubt some conclusions about the writing. I've search out the angle of forgery, esoteric mystery, secret society scroll, history book of some sort, prophcy, mythology symbols, etc. It seems to fit all those and more. I believe the Book of Revelations is a Magical Text that can applied in Alchemy left behind by alchemists. As boastful as this sounds, I've experienced the Book of Revelation personally and you don't have to be a Christan to do this. If you want the details on these experiences then let me know. I propose to maintain that this Book is a Book of Initiation and Synchronicity. It unlocks forces of Consciousness that the Church of today would never understand. I believe the Bible is a Blue Print towards genuine immortality though 99.9999999% of its readers will never unlock its full potential. Various Jungian symbols are retained in there for initiation purposes.

I have actually experienced various symbols in a very lively mode with this book. I am not sure if this is the proper forum to express synchronicity or mysticism. The Tarot has some parallels with the Book. 22 chapters and 22 symbols? The Mana of Revelations 2:7 could be Mono-Atomic Gold. Within the text as in most of the biblical texts are hidden historical mysteries to be revelaed. Thats why the term Revelation is applied. Could the Book of Revelations hold the dear mystery of Augustus Caeaser the conquering Lamb who went about spreading his Father's Kingdom of Julius Caesar? Could it hold a form of Propaganda written as mind-control of the Kalpurnius Piso Family? Is it really a manuel to predict the future too? Could it be an encrypted message from the past as a secret way to view History? Maybe all of this is true. There could be Astrological Language in it too. That Dragon cast out of Heaven could have been inspired as TYPHON Caste down by ZEUS. The Battle between Horus and Set seems to parallel Christ and Satan. Maybe the Dragon that gave power onto the Beast could be a reference Yin Yang Energies yeild in rotation to eachother The Dragon gave way to the Tiger and the Tiger to the Dragon, etc, etc. Worshipping this FORCE (Chi, Prana) Energy within different. This Force was worshipped by the whole world in varying forms (having many heads?). Some heads can also be seen as past Caesars in a succession or past kingdoms. There might be layers upon layers of ways you can look at this. Hopefully, it isn't one big giant mistranslation.


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