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The Templars havn't got anything but a Freemason controled Witch Hammer project that's been going on for century's, that protect's their best interest's, and persecute those who know the truth. I've spent practically all my life having the Witch treatment from my own son's who were sexually initiated into their society by their father, and grandfather.
Look at it this way, if the world knew the real translation's of the hebrew text's "one from the other side", then they'ed know that Jacob met his own Doppelganger in Genesis 32; after going through the process of Metempsychosis. The big secret about Sacred Geometry is really the Syneasthesic ablity that most of us are born with, and the pineal gland' duel polarity ignition system, the real Baptism of John. and the proper preyer of Saloami's request for the head/knoweledge, on a silver platter/majic mirror. If you know the meaning of 'Goto-Return' 2 King's 18:18 Sennacherib "Dust", Hezekiah "Return", then you'll begin to understand that Edom is twin's in Hebrew, the same as Thomas is twin's in Welsh, and if you know anything about Shaft-Spur "I shall wrap a girdle about the earth" the Lay Line grid, and Ben Jonson leaving his pici/Doppelganger under a perticular tree in Scotland, right where i picked up my Doppelganger on my wedding day October 25th 2000.