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Dear Mr Pope,

The Mono-atomic Gold was used to feed the LIGHT Body that the Egyptians called The AB. By using it alone did not produce immortality. The hints and that technique remains hidden. What remiins known is when a Dynamic period of the Pharaoh's used this substance, many of the secrets to harness it was lost except the basics. That may be where Secret Societies and Free Masonry comes in. The quest to search the Grail. There are different rituals and applications to feed your several subtle bodies according to the initiations. If you wanted to live Longer, then feeding The SA Body was the key. Sa was an etheric substance and without it even the gods could not maintain a longevity. In now way is Immortality a linear quest. It is a complex one that only Alchemy can discover. Without a personal quest into alchemy, then these answers do not come easily.