The Sacred

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To approach the idea that perhaps Mentrual blood played a role in the so-called enlightenment of cultures, consider this. From the earliest human cultures, the mysterious magic of creation was thought to reside in the blood women gave forth in harmony with the moon. The original calenders were made in connection between the menstrual and the moon. Men regarded this blood with holy dread, as the life-essence. Most words for menstruation also meant such things as incomprehencible, supernatural, , deity, sacred, spirit. Like the Latin "sacer", old Arabian words for pure and impure both apllied tomenstrual and to that only.

Egyptian Pharaohs became divine by ingesting "the blood of Isis," a soma-like ambrosia called AKHU (Life Force Bions in the blood?). An Etheric alternative version was called SA (Chi energy?) which is another whole story in itself. As for the menstrual blood, Its hieroglyphic sign was the same as the sign of the Vulva, A Yonic loop like the one on the ANKH or CROSS OF LIFE. Painted Red, this loop signified the female genital and the GATE OF HEAVEN.

The same elixir of immortality received the name AMRITA in Persia. Sometimes it was called the milk of a Mother Goddess, sometimes a fermented drink, sometimes sacred blood. This was always associated with th moon.

Celtic kings became gods by drinking the "red mead" dispensed by the Fairy Queen, Mab. A Celtic name for the fluid was dergflaith, meaning either "red ale" or "red sovereignty". In Celtic Britain, to be stained with red meant to be chosen by the Goddess as a king. Celtic "ruadh" meant both red and royal.

The same blood color meant apotheosis after death. The pagan paradise or FAIRYLAND (Osiris' after world of Pharaoh land?) was at the uniterine center of the Earth, site of the magic fountain of life. The TREE OF LIFE and FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH could just as easily be interpreted as originally sexual fertility object of worship as the Male and Female Organs.

The Greek mystics who were considered 'born again' out of the river STYX, otherwise known as ALPHA, "the beginning." This river wound seven times through the earth's the earth's interior at a yonic shrine near the city of CLITOR (Greek: klitoris) sacred to the Great Mother. Thomas Rhymer had to cross a "river of blood" on his way to Fairy Land.

Anyways, there a taste of some alternative ancient interpretations beside the drug version.


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