In Response To: Constellations vs. Planets ()

The Planet and Deity Uranus does correspond to the Hindu deity Varana. Varana was seen as an original Sky Father. Anu, Anubis, Uranus, Varana I believe fit in the theory of synchrotism. Each carries slightly differing characteristics. I on the other hand believe that there were once human beings who inspired the legends of the gods. Some cultures even had Geneologies that began with the Gods as their own ancestors. Even the Book of Jasher saw God as the Father in Law of Moses. Of course Astrology plays a role in how the story patten is told, but I believe there is room enough to suggest that historical persons could have played a prototype for these mythical characters. The planets and star systems could have been used a satellite energy sources to invoke by the ancient kings. This runs parallel with witches in ceremony of DRAWING DOWN THE MOON. For example if Osiris never existed, then why did they find his tomb? The Cretans swore back even onto the Ancient Greeks that the tomb of Zeus could still be found on Crete. Also, as for the influence drugs had over the Ancient, I do not think this can possibly carry as much interpretational coverage, especially with authors such as Robert Graves, Barbara G. Walker and Sir Lawrence Gardner having their Anthropological/Archaeological views revealed. This depends on which ARCHETYPE you use when exploring these answers. Your very Psychology of this subject depends on your view from a Jungian perspective. Theories such as Mono-atomic Gold, The Philosophers Stone could have just as easily played an important role in the idea of The TREE OF LIFE or TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. What if Menstrual blood played a role in its use of the Hormonal Secretions to alter the Pineal gland? You see, if you want drugs to play the only interpretation of ENLIGHTENMENT of the Ancients, you'll find it. There is however a vast amount of other evidence that alternatives played a large role though. Some cultures may have leaned towards drugs as their major alternative. However, elixirs such as the SOMA of India has "nutritional sugars" in an alchohol base. I've taken the elixir myself as I've recreated the forumula of Ancient India. This is a major psychic experience that opens up the microtubalure energy exchange of the biological cells. This opens up various Hyperspacial Vortexes arund the body. This is why I believe the subject of alchemy cannot be ignored when we speak of enlightenment of the ancients. As for the Philosophers Stone, this caused superconductivity within the DNA. This caused an increase of neuron-fiber connective growth in the brain. This also had extradimensional quantum properties which performed a most profound influence on the body and consciousness.