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The ancients studied carefully the daily and yearly movements of the Sun, the wanings and waxings of the Moon, the yourneys of the visible planets, the solstices and equinoxes, the unmoving Pole Star and the circumpolar stars and constellations circling around it, the Zodiac Ring along the ecliptic circle, the great precessional Ages, and a multitude of other celestial phenomena.

This heavenly pattern was seen reflected in the seasonal ebbs and flows of earthly life. "As above so below". Man recognized himself as a microcosm within the vast macrocosm.

And all this went into the great myths of the many different cultures and civilizations of antiquity. The movements and relationships of the heavenly bodies were turned into the stories of the great gods and goddesses of man.

Thus, the source of all myth (including the Bible) is found in the Sun, Moon and stars. And so is the underlying pattern of human society. And thus the mythical cycles are repeated by history again and again, as you have shown in your writings.

Must this not be the "built in" reason why Egyptian (and Mesopotamian and so forth) history is being echoed again and again in the biblical sagas?

Ill study the tutorials you have written and see if they make any sense astrologically. I doubt, however, that any arguments whatsoever can make the heavenly Uranus match the earthly sign Taurus, nor earthly Cronos (Saturn) watery Cancer, nor watery Poseidon (Neptune) earthly Capricorn... They seem to me as incompatible as can be. How do you argue in favor of these attributions?

Best regards, Helge

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