What is Revelations?

What is Revelations?

Congratulations to all of you who I will call "learned scholars" that are posting messages on Domain of Man. After many years of searching for the reality of the Bible and its connections to ancient Egypt I am acquiring some illumination of "the mysteries". At last I have found some people that are speaking sensibly.

Currently the search system is not working so I don't know if the book of John's Revelations has ever been a major topic for illumination by discussion board members - I may be merely asking questions that have been previously analysed!

These are some of my questions regarding John's Revelations:

1. are they virtually shamanistic writings that could have been induced by the use of psychedelic drugs?

2. do the Revelations have any historical content rather than being generally regarded as predictions of the future?

3. are the Revelations somehow connected to astrology - much like the Book of Enoch seems to describe?

4. are the Revelations some sort of political statement that was appropriate at the time it became part of the New Testament?

Finally, what are the best references (or web sites) for understanding John's Revelations? As you can see; I am not looking for another interpretation of Revelations but rather the historical basis.

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