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Hi Charles!

Interesting that you bring some astrology into your writings. In my opinion, astrology is a major key to the understanding of much (or perhaps most) of the biblical narratives.

For example, the story of the "Passover" (Hebrew 'pesach'), is of course nothing but the Sun at the vernal equinox (zero degree Aries, the Ram or Lamb) "passing over" (or "crossing" in the Christian version) the celestial equator (i.e. the Earths equator projected unto the celestial sphere). Thus, 'pesach' = "passage".

"Now the children of Israel journeyed from Ramesis to Succoth" (Exodus, somewhere) may be read as a slightly veiled astrological statement: The Sun travels during the summer half of the year from the Ram (Aries/vernal equinox/the "feast of the lamb") to Libra (the autumn equinox/Succoth or the "feast of unleavened bread").

Rachel means "ewe" or "sheep" in Hebrew and according to the biblical narrative she is the mother of Benjamin, the Ram or Aries - the sign under which the "Israelites" of the biblical saga were born as a nation.

Stories like the sheep-tending David (the young Sun in Aries, the month of spring) & Goliath (the winter half of the year) and Simson (Shamash, the Sun) & Delilah (the Night) are easily recognized as slightly veiled astro myths, as are the very New Testament gospel stories of Christ, the "Sun" of God.

The "us" of "Let us make..." (Genesis, or perhaps "Gen-Isis", 1: 26) may be astrologically interpreted as the Sun and Moon (Osiris/Isis, the positive and negative principles, the vitalizing power and the producer of life) or the "Elohim" (astrologically the "seven planets" headed by the Sun).

The twelve "sons/tribes" of Jacob/Israel, as well as the twelve stones on the breastplate of the high priest, are of course the twelve signs of the Zodiak (as are the "twelve apostles" and the "twelve gates" of the New Jerusalem of the New Testament).

As far as I can see, you nowhere mention from what reasoning or from what source you have gathered the Chart 2 Zodiak attributions matching the "twelve tribes". Neither is it plain to me why you attribute the various tribes to certain patriarchal names.

Sad to say, the way I see it, some of your Zodiak sign attributions definitely do not match the Greek Names of your Chart particularly well, like Uranus - Taurus, Cronos (Saturn) - Cancer, and Poseidon (Neptune) - Capricorn.

Unfortunately there seems to be no generally accepted consensus as to which Zodiak sign is to be attributed to which "son" or "tribe". Your Chart 2 list of Zodiak signs differs a lot from, for example, the one given by Karl Anderson in his "Astrology in the Old Testament":

Aries - Benjamin
Taurus - Issachar
Gemini - Levi & Simeon
Cancer - Ephraim & Manasseh
Leo - Judah
Virgo - Asher
Libra - Zebulon
Scorpio - Dan
Sagittarius - Joseph
Capricorn - Naphtali
Aquarius - Reuben
Pisces - Gad

At least the two of you agree on Dan - Scorpio, Judah - Leo, Simeon - Gemini, and Benjamin - Aries.

It would be interesting to hear your comments.

Best regards, Helge Harbard

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