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Hi Robert!

An interesting and fascinating view, indeed!

The ancient pyramids of Egypt (as well as those of Mesopotamia, India, Central America, and so forth) certainly have several meanings built into their construction. The same might be said of practically all ancient architecture (even including the traditional Scandinavian Sami 'kta' or tipi-like tent).

The most basic symbolism of the Great Pyramid at Giza is perhaps the symbolism of the pyramid shape itself. The square ground plan (symbolizing earthly existence and its four directions; the place for our various life experiences) and the apex of the pyramid (as a symbol of the one divine source) towering above the midpoint of the pyramids square ground plan (the midpoint symbolizing the "sacred ground" or the "doorway" from whence can be reached the One Source).

There are, of course, other remarkable things to be noted. For example, the pyramids height stands in a perfect Pi ( = 3.14159...) relationship to the perimeter of the base. In other words, a circle having a radius the same as the height of the pyramid will have a circumference the same as the perimeter of the pyramids square base. Thus the proportions of the Great Pyramid describe the very relationship between the circumference and the diameter of a circle.

Likewise, the all-important "Golden Section" (Phi = 1.618...) is found in the relationship between the height of each one of the pyramids four triangular sides and half the length of the side of the base (which is also the distance from the middle point of each of the base sides to the very center or midpoint of the square base).

Best regards, Helge Harbard