The Pyramid Message?

My theory is that there is a philosophy or belief system embedded within the geometry and structure of the Great Pyramid.

In other words the Great Pyramid has got "something to say" about the paths of humanity.

In the same way that any great Catholic church or Masonic temple structure has something to say about earthly existence; so the Great Pyramid has something important to say about earthly existence.

What then is the "message" of the Great Pyramid?

Initially the builders of the Great Pyramid had to prove that they had superior knowledge. This they did by making a scale model of the northern hemisphere.

Having done this, and thus established their credibility, the Great Pyramid builders then use the passages and chamber to describe humankind's available paths or "the spiritual journey".

The Great Pyramid "entry passage" seems to say that man/woman is inevitably inclined to slide or move down the smooth path to the underworld. He or she firstly goes into the deepest pit of the underworld where there is corruption and decadence.

Some people withdraw from the underworld through contemplation and purity. They find that there are several major obstacles to a new and smooth ascent (the Pyramid "upward passage") to a better place. The ascent begins just above the level of the physical world by overcoming psychological obstacles (three granite plugs) such as ignorance, emotion, sensuality and fear.

Those that overcome the obstacles receive a grand vision of the future (looking towards the "queens chamber"). Heroism is seen as a possibility. A place is made for the hero to stand. The hero may stand in it like a statue, like a god. There is a hidden path to the heavens from here, but it is blocked. The hero eventually realises that he or she cannot become a god through acts of heroism.

Others see a higher pedestal (at the top of the "grand gallery"); it is at the entrance to the spiritual world. They progressively climb up onto the highest pedestal where there is a spectacular view of the world beneath. They each see the adjacent opening and move from the pedestal into a waiting room (possibly a place of contemplation?).

Then they enter a sacred chamber. There is a sarcophagus in the sacred chamber, in which the unwanted physical body can be placed. There are two obvious paths for the soul (?) from here directed outwards to two points in the heavens. These two paths are very small and narrow but they are not blocked. There are also several other secret places for the soul (?) to dwell; these places are directly above the place of the discarded physical body.

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