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Oh Papa, you hurt my heart :((

You are right! I shouldn't have said "coming of Lord David", since Lord David is apart of time, so is of place.

If I am not true, if David is a past thing, then why Masonry is still standing for the "Templum Solomonis" of which initiator is My Lord, His Excellencies Kind David; Lord of Lords and the King Of Kings?? Plz explain. Are they stupid or are they still living in the great stories of History ? White gloves and apron shouldn't be used before the Kings.

Now you must immediately study and realize the contemporary and real equalivents of the information you get from the Egyptology.

What is the correlation of phoenix and the serpent on the head of Tuttankhammon for today!!!

Why does The Great Turkish prophet's "head statue" have a "broken" phoenix figure on his head...(VIII. century,Mongolia).

Well, why then are you correlating contemporary stuff in Bibles to Tuttankhammon? If I am not right why then are you talking of har-megiddon or hiero shalayim of today within your great Egyptology study? I couldnt unfortunately see any attribution to great turbulence; i m sure you also study it... Please write me here what Tuttankhammon tells about Great Turbulence.

This funny thing loves you :)




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