Re: What is "The Glory of the Lord"?


That is a great question about THE GLORY OF THE LORD. What I've come to see is the Lord can be taken as THE SUN or FIRE Itself. Fire and Sun worship was quite predominant and obvious by the ancients. Often this power was so coveted that Kings and priests wished to immitate this function as if its power to could be transferred to them. It was a practice that Glass type lenses were placed over sacrifices so that the Sun could start a fire upon or more rather underneath a sacrifice about to begin. This may have been a sign on determining which archetype was best used for invoking the power of the Sun itself. To become a God was to mean being able to harness the power of nature itself at ones command or better yet to say you are that energy made flesh in an avatar kind of way. Internalyzing the Forces of nature was considered the undamental definition of connecting with the so-called divine. Doing this grounded Heaven on Earth. Hercules was the Sun-God himself. Samson whose hair was shaved represented the Sun whose sun rays were cut shorter during winter. Samson destorying the Temple of the Philistines represented the ability of the Sun to erode temples and stone buildings over time. When Kings, Shamans and tribal members immitate nature, this is how the Myths are born into stories. This is my interpretation of it.

The Glory of the Lord some believe was an active Volcano that was worshipped at one time. This would explain why he trembled and quaked at his followers. How else could he rain fire and brimstone upon sinners? Then there is the idea of PLASMA ELECTRICITY in my theory which is also know as ST. ELMO'S FIRE. This is where I believe the idea of the Rabbianic SHEKINAH (Glory of God) comes in. This energy could be found on the top of Mountains that had high electron plasma activity sometimes. Perhaps wearing the Breastplates of Aaron helped to ground this energy as a mystical glow so the Glory of the Lord could settle on the priests. The Secrets of THE HOLY ARK OF THE COVENANT may have been about a device that could harness as a mobile alchemical lab to transform Gold into the Philopshers Stone through an emitting Electrical Ark on low phases, then on high phases the Holy Ark may have been used an an Electromagnetic Weapon aimed at other armies. This technology needs no alien theory to perform. In fact, discoveries by Nikola Tesla alone can attest to this. So, you get my drift on possible theories. All these things I believe at one time or another inspired Biblical legends as well as Egyptian Ones. You know, the Hyksos were supposedly the Ones who introduced the Chariot into Egypt. The Chariot in many cultures when it was first observed was considered a device and vehicle of the Gods originally. In fact the Greeks believed the Chariot was first used by Apollo and other Gods before the rest of Humanity could use them. I believe the Gods were very well Human and extraordinary people of their times. And at another angle the Glory of the Lord can be simply a sharply dressed Pharaoh dressed in Jewels, Gold and the entire Royal Garb similar to the coffin images of King Tut. We are told King's Tut's face has been left glorious forever. The Museum's seems to agree.