I think the Romans called the followers of Jesus by this name (Chrestians rather than Christians) as an insult. For Romans, those who blindly believed in Jesus as their Messiah were poor, simple-minded people. And brainwashed believers like these are the exploited citizens of all "kingdoms" even today. Would-be Messiahs like to project an image that they are meek and lowly, but they invariably turn out to be members of the ruling elite (or their representatives) in disguise.

There is a proverb, "ignorance is bliss", but this web site is offering a painful new awareness. I would be very happy to have more people (like Naomi and Oscar) who have made the effort to study the research presented here and actually contribute refinements to it. But I also understand that not everyone wants to leave the comfort zone of false hope and false humility. (For example, if you have access to the Internet, you can't claim to be poor.)

I will continue to be irritated by forum posts that constantly refer to "our Lord David" and the "Coming Messiah." This kind of thinking reflects the very state of delusion that is exposed here.

What you allow to save you will make a slave out of you.