Re: Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah"

Hi Solomon,
One person's Christ is another's Anti-Christ!
I think I know Ahmed well enough to say that he is not looking for any Messiah, long-awaited or otherwise. Ahmed has however tried to shed some light on the delusion of Messianic kingship and its origins in Egypt.
Also, I'm curious as to why you deleted all of your previous posts, but now you are posting again!
Last, if you speak Turkish will you please go to the Turkish forum and ask Esastek to remove the mirrored pages of my work. These are no longer needed on the web and I did not give him permission to rehost them on his Anti-Zionist web site. (See my forum post below: "Message for Esastek")
I do not consider myself a Zionist or Anti-Zionist. I am for resolving these age-old disputes through knowledge of our common heritage.

Mr Pope,

1-Thank you for your kind message.

2-"One's Christ is another's Anrichrist" is cute answer, that can be expected from such an intellectual man like you.

3-So it is the reason why jews call and impose the messiah as to be antichrist: when shiloh comes their superiority will finish. How they approach to the messiah is no rightful! How egoistic approach. Even holy books and jewish science proves all the truth about religion affairs.

4-l dont know Ahmed Osman and his study, but if one is studying theology, he is supposed to interfere with such an unjust and wrong speculation and approach to the Messiah: Founder of the Templum Solomonis and Founder of the Founder of the Temple which Lord David intended to build and sacrified her body for.

If not, why similarly then masonry love Lord Luzifer?

So Ahmed Osman, having his bread studying science, would have fought against zinist speculators that its a fake what they say, and they cant call Messiah as antichrist because he is coming from lower tribes, Turks or Moslems. Where do you think Lord David comes from as well?

5-Grand Alchemist, Lord Errol Asia, Excellencies were very negative with me that i am writing to tis forum. So i deleted all of them. l write again because i didnt say i will not write ever. The topic took my interest and i wrote. lf you dont want me to write messages to here, i wont write sure.

6-Every body has different character and background and mood. And i think i am not so negative. So it was quite rude that he criticised me in such a rude way. l also learned a lot here, small in words but big in quality: for example, christos is in fact chrEstos in Greek("poor":its very important information for me because i know Messiah is a poor man); Brahmanic religions have their "proved" parallel also in the Great Egyptian Temple; Solomon and sheba queen have its parallels in Egyptian Belief, etc. I got happy when i learned things here. lf my background was more, of course i would gain more knowledge here.

7-Sionizm is also a speculative understanding today. So i am not an enemy of any thing direcly.

And last, i dont know which forum you meant, but i wil search now "esastek" and beg the forum admin not to copy your study without your permissin.

Thank you heartily.

solomon chrEstos (its my name in the heavens, not on my identification)