Ahmed Osman and the "Coming Messiah"
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Hi Solomon,

One person's Christ is another's Anti-Christ!

I think I know Ahmed well enough to say that he is not looking for any Messiah, long-awaited or otherwise. Ahmed has however tried to shed some light on the delusion of Messianic kingship and its origins in Egypt.

Also, I'm curious as to why you deleted all of your previous posts, but now you are posting again!

Last, if you speak Turkish will you please go to the Turkish forum and ask Esastek to remove the mirrored pages of my work. These are no longer needed on the web and I did not give him permission to rehost them on his Anti-Zionist web site. (See my forum post below: "Message for Esastek")

I do not consider myself a Zionist or Anti-Zionist. I am for resolving these age-old disputes through knowledge of our common heritage.