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I believe the Bible was organized by Alchemists. These Alchemists guarded their secrets within the texts that later was called The OT. Even the NT I believe in the end is a Blueprint to Immortality. Observe the fundamental theme from Genesis to Revelation and that is ETERNAL LIFE. Without the concept of ETERNAL LIFE, there is no other purpose or motivation of the Egyptian Pharaoh's or Believers in Theologyexcept trying to attain immortality. In the end, it boils down the Alchemy and the unraveling of its mysteries to make one a Genuine Immortal and Transformed into the divine.

Just what is the Divine? I believe the Divine is a curious word. We can refer to India's Daeva's the "gods". However, I believe the Divine really refers to those that could DIVE, SWIM and oddly enough those who knew the mystery of The VINE as in Wine (Soma). The Deity Oannes was considered by many to be Divine because it was from the Sea. Leviathan may have been a Whale. The Goddess "Columbe" came from the Sea and had a symbol of a DOVE. These rootwords seem curious.