Re: Revisting Patriarchal Longevity

Great answer Charles, more clues needed.

The longevity connection in Genesis seems to be associated with the Tree of Life. When the Adamites were exiled from the region of Eden, they may have also lost access to the Tree of Life. Their life spans got progressively shorter. Interesting that the Tree of Life returns in Revelation 22:2 "down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations."

Pfizer was an old philosopher, of no repute. I ran across him in a history course in university long ago. He was fascinated with Egypt and convinced me to look deeper with respect to their persuit of immortality.

Inflating lifespans aside for a moment, I believe Adam was indeed a clever boy. His obsession with naming everything in the garden is remeniscent of a scientist cataloguing plants and animals - much as they do today.

Was he perhaps a new arrival in more ways than one?

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