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The popularity of Sitchin's books has created a market for mainstream histories of Sumer and Babylon, and the ancient world in general. You don't have to go to the library any more to find them, just any good bookstore. People seem to either love Sitchin or hate him. I personally love his books, even if I don't agree with all of his conclusions. Similar to the way I view Velikovsky I suppose. They are heros in my opinion, people who dared to question orthodoxy and take myth seriously. I have noticed that many people tend to now distance themselves from these writers, because they are considered anathema by Academia. Even alternative archaeology writers avoid referencing them. This is hypocrisy and "mind control" if you ask me.

There are many things I now disagree with even related to Ahmed Osman's books. That doesn't mean I suddenly need to feel ashamed to be associated with him. Even many of my own ideas are now in need of refinement or discarding. And what if my writing later gets used to further the purpose of someone else's evil agenda. Does that discount the good that I tried to do? Everything is not a conspiracy.

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