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Surely you jest. Sitchin wa not the first to mention the ancient Sumerian texts and it is quite common to go to the Library to read about the Sumerians and their gods. I disagree with many of Sitchin views and his translations I believe the ALIENS as those Gods from outerspace holds no merit. The reason for this is based on the Synarchist Movements in the latter 19th Century with promoting an Alien/New Age Agenda as turning UFO's into a religion in order to mind-control society. Writings such as The Council of Nine, Star Trek, Lovecraftian Necronomicon, Von Daniken, Sitchin all seem to lean in the same direction with an Alien agenda promotion. It is as if a New Religion was being started in order for The Rothschilds, CIA and even perhaps the Vatican and other wealthy Families would like to pull an Aquarian trick as did Augustus or the Piso's did 2,000 years ago.


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