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I believe there was a time when a select few beings could live extremely long as compared to the short lifespans of the rest of mankind. These longer lived beings were considered demi-gods and gods by later mythology. Though this list may not be prepared to encounter such an extraordinary subject or its proof, why is there an emphasis by world religions of the West to re-gain this longevity that was once known in the Garden of Eden?

What if the Aging process could be manipulated through techniques quite foreign to this discussion board? I in fact can say this as so, because I am doing it now. Gilgamesh tried to unravel this secret and failed. The Gods made sure that he would fail. Immortality, Resurrection and Eternal Life are all parts of a real plan of physical longevity. I do not believe it is a mistake why this has become the greatest quest of all time and the most mysterious. The Holy Grail and The Tree of Life are Mythical Symbols that could offer real clues. Notice, Billions of people follow doctrines that can help them supposeldy become resurrected one day into an Immortal. Though most all these folks won't make it, because they're going about it all wrong, archetypically the quest of Immortality is still a valid one that an extremely marginal few in History will ever know.