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Thanks Charles, thanks, Erol,

I've just returned from vacation so I've been out of touch, so to speak.

Erol, I agree with you that the King Arthur stories are more mythological in character than meant to be "objective history in the modern sense." I am wondering if the writers of the grail legends or myths used a "historical" King Arthur to repeat a story of divine kingship for their own age and purposes. Perhaps just to present another aspect of life, one not dominated by the state religion of their day.

While I do not think that myths were created to tell objective historical facts, I do not think of myth just as superstition or stories either. You have given me a lot to think about. Thanks,

PS The Egyptian Pyramid texts make use of the "pole star" as a metaphor for the opening of the eye of second sight as well as the ancient Indians. I will look up some quotes on this for you. Thanks again.