Hard Copy
In Response To: Living In Truth in book form? ()

Thanks for your interest. The on-line version is the only media available for now. If there are particular chapters that you want to print out, then you can cut and paste them into a word processing file and print them yourself in whatever font and size that you like.

Eventually I will produce a second edition of the book. I don't foresee "going to print" until that is done. Presently I'm working on a condensed edition. The first chapter is already finished and several more in draft stage. However, at some point I'll likely break off from doing this and post one or more essays about Herod the Great and the family of Jesus.

So, it doesn't look like anything at all will be in formal book form any time soon. Sorry about this, but I think the on-line form is the most important. Even if books are printed later, I don't think I would take the material off the web. This is how most people today get their information.