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I find it interesting in suggesting a possible link between King Arthur and The era of Moses/Akhenaten. This is a refreshing appraoch. Now let me add into the probability on this from a Scholarly point of view. It must be understood that KING ARTHUR was the Welsh ARTH VAWR, Heavenly Bear. His Father was UTHER PENDRAGON, "Wonderful Head of the Dragon". In the 3rd Millenium B.C., the north pole star was not the present Polaris Ursa Minor, the Little Bear (Arthur). It was ALPHA DRACONIS, the Head of the Dragon and perhaps the Dragon caste out of Heaven in the Book of Revelations allegorically speaking. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, a slow, yet subtle shift of the celestial pole took place over the course of 5,000 years.

The Hindu's said in the MAHABHARATA that the pole star, to which the yoke of the world was fixed upon, was the head of the great Serpent.

The Greeks said the little bear-god who replaced the serpent was ARCAS, ancestor of the ARCADIANS. His mother was ARTEMIS CALLISTE, the Great She-Bear, who used to rule the stars. As Ursa Major, she still circles the poles. Western Europeans called her ARTIO, ART, URSEL or ERCEL. ARTHUR was a Celtic version of her son, spouse & sacred king. Arthur was the humanization of an old pagan god. . Bulfinch's Mythology said Arthur's father was ABROSIUS, an early name for MERLIN.

Arthur's mother was really a form of The Triple-Goddess, incarnate in the Queen as usual. Arthur like KING HEROD of the Gospels, tried to kill Mordred by a Slaughter of The Innocents. Arthur's legend may suggest no human king, but a Brythonic god as well as a type of Celtic Zeus. He may have been incarnate in one of several warrior kings for brief periods, but his story was mythic rather than historical.

In sight of all these things, there is room for further Egyptian speculation. Moses, like Arthur is taken from the water as a child. Merlin and Moses carry on a similar look as a long bearded image holding a staff in our cherished myths. This theory is worthy of a closer analysis.


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