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I just saw a program on the Discovery Channel about Tuts (possibly) mysterious death. Discovery Europe just had a week of "Egypt Specials". Among the 3-4 programs was one about Rames The Great & Moses/Exodus (with a hint to Ahkenaton with more actually!).

My impression from the program about Tut was that he suffered from a (rare) disease. The same diagnosis was given to one of the two child mummies found. Think it was skoliosis (don't know who it is spelled) which would indicate Tut fathered the child.

If Tut suffered from he would have a -very- stiff neck. One of the better arguments that he suffered from this was that the tomb contained LOTS of walking sticks in different sizes matching the king from his childhood and until his death as young farao.

I got the program on DVD (brand new DVD-HD-recorder - wonderful pice of equipment btw). Let me know if there is anything special you want me to look for.

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