Tut Pierced in His Side
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Tut's mummy/skeleton is apparently in very bad condition and it is proving difficult or impossible to determine what medical problems he had in life, what injuries might have been incurred in death, what damage was done by embalmers, and what damage was done by Howard Carter when he divested the mummy of its treasures. I once saw a picture in an old book that showed the mummy of Tut laying prone on the ground outside his tomb as if "sunbathing". Carter chose this as the expedient means of heating up the resins of the mummy so that jewels and other valuables embedded in it could more easily be ripped out. I doubt we will ever see that picture printed again, because it is such an unspeakable embarrassment of archaeology. I think I read that Carter also separated the head from the torso in order to remove the famous golden mask.

The CAT Scan report did mention a critical wound to the thigh of Tut. This is something I had not heard about before. Perhaps this is the basis for Jesus having been pierced in his side on the cross, that is, in order to replicate this aspect of Tut's death. The report tried to dismiss anomalies associated with Tut's spine, but I would like to hear other medical opinions on that - which probably won't be allowed though.

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