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You mentioned the jinn working against you and peace. This is somewhat of a Moslem view. I descend from a Line of jinn (Djinn) [for real]. The Djinn was a concept the Koran writers implemented into writing. Before they were perceived as etheric beings, they were phsyical beings such as alcheists and magi. They were priests of the Old Religions such as Mithraism and even the Hellenistic views. The Djinn were priests of Enki-Ea. Some even dressed in the image of fishes.

Later on the Djinn became a mystical order looking out for the betterment and welfare of the throne of Sumer and Babylon. Their brotherhood survived in several branches. Many were forced to convert to Islam. The largest body of these Djinn were really Alchemists and warriors with the Khazarian Empire.


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