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You said perhaps a Revelation of the Pools of Solomon could have been The Holy Grail. Can you delve into deeper ideas how these Pools of Solomon could have inspired or played the role of this Grail? Often the Grail has been interpreted as either a hidden or lost relic highly coveted or perhaps an alchemical substance called The Philosophers Stone. By the way, I just happen to be one who has injested this Philosophers Stone. It fixes DNA and increases physical attributes, increases mental performance and can induce synchronicity. This mixed with ionized Electron water can be in my opinion and experience as THE HOLY GRAIL. Also, Mentrual Hormonal Secretions as an alchemical diet to stimulate The Pituitary gland.

How's that for starts and why should we now look towards the Pool of Solomon for the answer to this riddle rather than the mysteries of alchemy instead?


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