Five Hyksos Lords Against Four
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Genesis 14 pits five Hyksos kings against four.

Arioch/Zeeb (Arik-den-ili)
Tidal/Oreb (Tudhaliyas)
Amraphel/Zalmunnah (Kakrime/Agum II)
Khedorlamoer/Zebah (Kidinu)


Bela/Mamre (Tao II)
Shemeber/Abram (Djehuty)
Bera/Eshcol (Thutmose I)
Birsha/Hanan (Amenhotep I)
Shinab/Terah (Tao I)

As far as Hyksos identities are concerned:

Kakrime = Khyan (a.k.a. Ammi-saduqa)
Tao I = Apophis I (a.k.a. Samsu-ditana)
Tao II = Apophis II

Names given in the various Manetho lists are notoriously cryptic.
Arik-den-ili sounds a lot like Archles, but good luck with the other ones! The names Bnon and Pachnon seems to refer to Non/Nun father of Joshua, but it is not clear in what way.