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Dear Mr Pope,

I believe Pharaoh Khayan (Khyan) may have been a candidate for the biblical CAIN. His name may have been borrowed by the Bible Torah compilers to suit thri archetypical needs. I also have noticed a possible link of The Greek Hercules and Pharaoh Archles (Kamudy). I'll try to find more grounded linke bwteen the Hercules-Archiles connection. What if Archles story of Djedi initiation underground at Edfu inspired the idea of The Greek Hercules going to dominate Cerebrus (Anubis mysteries?) as one of his 12 Labors. Some Scholar circles believe Pharaoh Kamudy-Archles ruled for around 12 years (for 12 labors?). Some believe maybe longer. His rule has been somewhat unclear for as an agreement among all historians.


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