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Mr Muster,

So, I hope it is clear by now on how and why I explain how these sacred Prehistorica Gardens are not necessarily One and the same Garden. These Holy Garadens and Paradises are scattered all over. This merely represented a time before Indo-European Agression was introduced into these Agricultural Communities. As for Atlantis, Plato said his Atlantis was located just beyond the Pillars of Hercules. This would be just off the Coast of Spain. Notice, this gets further and further away from Yemen as you trace it from Greece.

Since Eden is a Multi-location ancestoral memory and so is Atlantis, this is why I believe it is futile to stick to merely one Country location. Paradise on Earth, the Home of the Gods, etc etc. These locations were not the same in Ancient Times. Read closer of all the myths and stories from China, India, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Suadi Arabia, Africa, South America, Mid-American, North America, Europe, etc etc. These people all located their ancient Gardens, Their Ancient Gods and Ancient Floods are something not far from them. Never would the Hindu The first man was from Israel or Yemen. These are cultural myths we're dealing with and cultural myths can often by location sensitive, not the 100th Monkey effect of the same story over and over going around the room and it changing facts as the story gets told. I do not believe the Linear Myth theory with the exception that There may have been large bands of Shamans who were navigators that could've influenced on a multi-cultural level in Neolithic Times.
These Shaman influences were by way of also successive invasions from multi-sources. They lived within and near Garden Plateau's in the Northern Iraqi Mountains. I can show conclusively from Kurdish Scholarly sources such as Mehrdad Izady that the 'land of cedars', which was seen as THE HOME OF THE GODS, was placed by the ancient Sumerians and Akkadian among the mountains of the Upper Zagros, which stretched from the borders between Iran and Iraq to the very banks of Lake Van, and even further west into the eastern Taurus Range.

I've traced the origins of the mythical Dilmun, which has much in common with the Biblical concept of Eden. I found that the original Dilmun with a tribal region, located south-west of Lake Van in eastern Anatolia (Turkey), known as Dilaman, or Daylaman, where the so-called Dimila, or Zaza, Kurds made their home". This shows the same 4 rivers in Genesis.

Mr Muster, I believed I have proved with little doubt that various geographical territories and time periods have inspired such stories as Eden. It is not isolated into a linear source or location. The quest for this truth is found with several roads, not just one as you insist. Edens, gardens and plateau of paradises are located hundreds, even thousands of miles apart. The written Genesis seems to be a conglomerate story of certain diverse myth origins. This would account as to why the quests continue among scholars and historians to fail in finding a location to debunk other locations. This will also be why my stance shall be proven correct over time Mr Muster. This is why Atlantis, Eden and every paradise you can imagine could not possibly be all crammed into little ol' Yemen. The myths evolve too far and wide and too many hints to avoid the vast origins and locations of these legends.