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Here is my take on The Shiloh. He is suppose to be The Adam returned. Christianity has him as Jesus Christ the 2nd Adam. He is the Messiah. He is Jehovah in the flesh. He may have been Amenhotep III and perhaps the secret title of the head Patriarch of the God Families such as Apophis I was. Perhaps The Shiloh was the God and the Shekinah was The Goddess. The Hexagram that Israel takes up was from a universal symbol of magic. This is the sexual conjuction of God and Goddess, much like Shiva was in touch with his Shakti "energy source".

Being the Alchemist that I am, I see this as a blueprint to hook up to my power source. Though sexuality has been a favored interpretation of this in countless mystical circles, I believe it to be a power deeper since these sexual circles like Aleister Crowley and such never reached what they looked for.

This power source Shekinah is known as Vessel #50 The Tablets of Destiny. These were the tablets of power supposedly worn around the neck Kingu, the General of Tiamats Army. Then Marduk wore them a while. This was then passed onto Enlil. It was said the Storm Demon ZU (Pazuzu; Zuisudra) for a short period stole them from Enlil. This was somehow passed on from The God of Moses (Sin?) to Moses, though the Babylonians said Shamesh handed this down to Hammerabi. Maybe it was Pharaoh KAMOSE (Shamesh) who handed certain laws to Babylons King just as Pharaoh AYE (Sin) handed down these laws to Akhenaten (Moses) and Abraham (Ab-Ram; Absin) the original SIN Patriarch God of Babylon who started all this law making when his Father Terah (Apophis I) was kicked out of Babylon. Shinab was King of Admah, also known as Terah and Melchizedek in the Bible. It was perhaps Terah who began this handing law tradition with his Family. Terah may have been handed something down too, but that is when the myth becomes unclear. Interesting that Kabbalistic Legend insists there was a hand-down of this mystic law ever since Adams time and that this was all handed to Moses. Then legend has it that was why Moses could finally assemble this body of writing called the Torah and some say The Kabbalah the parallel mystic teachings. I am not personally a Kabbalist, but I am just giving you a rough draft. Could the Kabbalah be a Philosophic imitation of something grander and deeper only possessed by the Gods? Indeed it was and the Hebrew legends plagerized it all! The Shekinah was a Hebrew term tacked onto a Goddess and onto alchemical mysteries.

Shiloh seems to be the male counterpart to the Shekinah. Shiloh is then called a specific location site just some miles North of Jerusalem I believe.

This is all a Jewish esoteric way of preserving the God and Goddess Unity function without openly admitting it. Then Solomon, can we say The God/Goddess functions exist in many cultures? We sure can.

The Shekinah was suppose to dwell with the community. This can be manifested in equivalence as A Neteru Primordial Principle energy or in Christian Terms THE HOLY GHOST. Often The Shiloh and Shekinah could be really A Shamans office to hold in and down-load what The Egyptians called NETERU energies. This may be compared to other occult challenges of harness Chi, Orgone, Vril, Tachyon, Zero-Point and a number of other energies known by many Heavenly names.

The unity of Hermes/Aprhrodite (Hermaphrodite) is the mystical union. Shiloh seems to be a borrowed function of what the Gods already were. They were Shamans of downloaded energy that could alter Space-Time events. They would fit the abilities of the The Vulture-Shamans in ancient Anatolia and lake Van area.

Lake Van was the Garden of Eden version for the Vulture Shaman. This may be a parallel to the Norse Nature Gods called The VANHEIM where the VANIR Dwelt. The Norse Aesir seemed to have been more agressive Aryan Gods of Armor and were progressive. This may have symbolized the Indo-European absorbsion of The Shaman Cultures of The Lake Van Area of Pre-Civilization.

Solomon, Shiloh is the man who shall carry and understand the Tradition of the Ancient Gods. He is Hermes in a Jewish garb named METATRON in Angelic Mythlogy. In other words, he will be the finally returned ENKI-EA who is no longer misunderstood. This will be when Enki-Ea shall reunite the Anunnaki Teams and work to better our world. This energy that was called Enki-Ea will not only return, he is among you today already. If you wish to hear more on these rantings then let me know. Makes you wonder how I know and suspect some of these things.

Solomon, that's my take on it.


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