Location of Eden

Dear Mr Muster,

Over the weeks and months, I hope you remembered the logic I've used in my research as the locations of the Holy sites, heavens and Hells in various mythologies of peoples. Does not Jewish legend present Gehenna as just outside Jerusalem? If it places their version of Hell in their land, then so would they place Heaven as Zion and their Eden in Israel. Every culture presents their paradise as near their main homeland. The applied to the Greeks where they placed their Legendary heavenly and hellish locations merely at the edges of their empire or even in their heart lands such as Mt Olympus literally.

This is the reason why I wanred not to confuse the Greek Elysian Fields with the legends known as Aden, Eden etc etc. Then are all sperate phenomena by sperate peoples.

The idea that Adam was created in Hebron Israel, rather than Lower Mesopotamia is simple as I shall explain. Many Biblical Scholars now regard the first 3 Chapters of GENESIS as a Jerahmeelite legend from the Negeb of Judea, which was taken over by the Israelites and became Babylonianized and Eden relocated mythically centered in Southern Iraq during the Isralites Captivity.

Jarahmeel means "beloeved of the moon" is yet another name for the Canoptic Hercules. Dr Chene restores the text of Genesis 2:8, as 'Yahweh planted a garden in Eden of Jerahmeel'.

The Jerameelites had the origina story that the Isralites took. The location of this garden was probably located in a paradise on a vastly high mountain, this garden may have even been a Jarahmeelite territory. This was the origin of the land flwoing of Milk and Honey that The Hebrew legends borrow from as their own these days. After all, they still have the territory today. This was a fruitful land with its vines, pomegrante trees and fig trees. This was once upon a time the imagery of the Jerahmeelite paradise.

Irish and Jewish legend said Adam and Even roamed a lot around Hebron and Jordan nto the East.

Mr Muster, you must remember to take into context that every culture attempts paradise in their own backyard. This is the rule of thumb amongst all cultures. All throughout Talmudic legends and the Torah is God referred to as merely living geographically North of where Israeli's lived. This was why Lucifer in Isaiah 14 wanted to also sit with God at the Council of the North. So Mr Muster, every culture always had their heavens, Gods, Angels and devils merely right next to them on geographic border levels either North, South, East or West of them, not far but close to them. The Elysian Fields is a Greek Phemomena wish to get back in touch with the simplar times of the worship of the Ancient Goddess ALYS and her territorial Temple Gardens along Southern Europe and Turkey.

Remember, the Jews like several other cultures painted God as living no further than the next Mountain away. Those mountains could usually be seen within seeing range.

Mr Muster, this is why the Aden in Yemen, though it strteched to try in become all paradise legends, falls short is becomeing all paradise legends. The Greek Hades was known for having the River Styx flowing through Egygia (Hades). This river Styx was The River Nile. If there is anywhere in the Middle East where we can gain a capitol where Hades can be located, it is really in the southern Coast of Greece as the Hades gates can be found stretching then onto the Northern Parts of Egypt, as Egygia was the Greek reference to Egypt.

TheGreek Underworld was connected to its borders because of the Trade and Commerce it had with Egypt. Hades Gates were merely just off the coast of Souther Greece and by boat, you could make it to Egygia; Styx as a journey with Chiron.


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