Re: Elysian Fields in Araby":Hades" was ADEN

Mr Muster,

Old Athens? This could have been merely the ancestors of The Athenians. If you move around any city to different locations, than I could invent Old New York was in Bombay India. Just ask TRex, he thinks all Jews and Egyptians were from India and a lot of those Jews are now in New York.

You take the legend of Atlantis way too seriously based merely on a Greek Source. How come you don't include other Greek Sources of Atlantis from the Greek Account of Diodorus Siculus' Library of History. Diodorus mentioned an Amazonian Warrior named MYRINA, a Libyan Amazonian Queen who lived at a time of the one who conquered the Atlanians into surrender. Her last battle was said to against the Thracians and the Scythians. Mytuna had supposeldy captured a city in Atlantis called Cerne. The Atantians at one time conquered the Libyans and some parts of Europe even according to Plato's account. When you put this all together, this was why Yemen (Jemen) was never on record of ever conquering Parts of Europe, even in ancient or Pre-historic Times.

The Atlantis story seems to be a composite of cunjuctioned meanings. Ranging from a political symbolism of Plato of Hellenism vs its enemies to references of Neolithic Cultures that spread their influence to many tribes (Refer to Andrew Collins FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS). Another angle that plays into this are the Minoans vs The Myceneans as what sparks off the Plato legend of Atlantis vs The Athenians (Old Athens. Remember, figuring out The Atlantis enigma is a theory and theory only. Lets not take it so seriously as if you solved this riddle, because most experts would disagree with you Mr Muster.

Mr Muster, more things occurred to me whether you realize it or not. I just hope it occurred to you the Velikovsky arguments are severely flawed and deformed. The ideas that the Planet Venus flew out of the Gasious planet Jupiter and left a Big Red Scar on Jupiters face and then swiftly flew by the Earth causing the Sea to divide for Moses and his people and then the Planet Venus dropped Manna as a favor from outerspace for the Insralites to eat while lost in the desert and then The Planet Venus still while over head send Petroleum hydrocarbons into the Earth for the Oil Industry to find later and Velikovsky said thats why Moses wandered in the Desert for 40 years, he couldn't find a dry spot without Petroleam to settle in until his people made it to Israel.That dry spot was the new Holy Land. Interesting how Velikovsky used The Wandering Planet Venus to helping the wandering Jews. Venus seems to be an ally of the Jews. Then the Jews Centuries later decide to demonize this same Morning Star in ISAIAH 14:12. Never did the Jews once thank Lucifer for helping God feed his people Manna. Mr Muster, see how ridiculous those Velikovsky theories add up, which you promote on this forum. Those Catystrophic ideas are too hokey to take seriously in serious discussions like this. His theories are too far on the fringe for most to stomach.

Mr Muster, this is why sometimes we all chuckle when we try to take your debates seriously. Reading your stuff is like reading Old D.C. Comic Books.

As for the Aden vs Eden part? I'll at least try to appraoch you seriously after Rolling on the floor laughing. I am trying to give you the benefit of a doubt at least of the Aden equals Eden part. I am trying to reach into my magic hat to find some useful substance I can identify in your notes. One theory I admire of yours truly is your Elephant injections as perhaps an inspiration of "some" Giants in the Old Testament. That my friend may hold some merit in my opinion.


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