Re: Elysian Fields in Araby":Hades" was ADEN

DEAR EROL, did it not accur to |You during my conversation about the socalled attack of "Unprovoked-Atlanteans"for a moment that"Old-Athens"could be somewhere else than "New-Athens"? AND that the whjole story of "Atlantis" was in Europe and thus in Greece( as the Greeks themselves do think) BUT that "Old-Europe"MAY HAVE BEEN ANOTHER Continent"? It may bew a corny story but Even Ar5chaeologist Heinrich Schliemann made the same mistake in thinking of present day placenames as you just did: He also thought that His("Illum-Novum: or"Nw-Troy"was on the same spot as "OLd troy, but one mkust be dense or very careless to have missed the sentence in the4 Troy(=illias-)Story wher5e it reads that Prince Aeneas went with a continguent of
most of the fugitives from the burning city of Troy to THREE places: Pergamum; Butrothum and Venice! all said to be built"Like the old Troy" H.Schliemann found the 5th:"New-Troy"that was founded not by Prince Aeneas but another coloniozaTION/FUGITIVE PARTY FROM (oLD-tROY"
By the saqme token: Old-Athens is in Old-Greece which is in Old-Europe
which is in Present South-Jemen. It does not take Poleshifting or Planet-collisions to fathom that out! Did I make myself clear THIS time? I even tell you where the original Troy was: in present Tarsus, (where "Apostel Paul" was born!) By the same token: Old _athens was Present ADEN( which is also EDEN.) If I have to explain this reason in more detail it will take several pages that you would not want to read. Also I sence and am almost certain that you have not read One book of dr Velikovsky try to lend one :"Velikovskybook"from your local-Library it may addict you to his historical findings ( ald mr Charles Pope too.!) THANK YOU!
Ps I'd like to send in my "Revised-Chronoloigy-Kingslist by dr Velikovsky to this Domain-Website but I don't know HOW TO.....