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So, you are saying Jesus had a Grandfather and Grandmother that were Scottish Celts? Would that make Jesus a red-head? Did you remember the Druids already had a deity named HESUS who died and resurrected 3 days later? This was when Constantine I and his priests got the notion to include Jesus Christ and the grand unified God of Contantinople. Hesus of the Gauls and Krist 'Krst' (Krishna) of the Hindu imported God. As in Egypt, The deities AMEN and RA were merged together as the politics in Egypt evolved and priestly functions suppressed other priestly teams or there was a political merger, etc etc.

Jupiter and Apollo were later stooped to become St Peter & St. Paul, merely the apostles of the New Synthetic Christ. Even the apostle St Thomas was really the deity Tammuz who is also subjugated unto the new authority of Christ.

TRex, The fictional accounts that St Thomas travelled to India was a church propaganda designed to invent Christan History as time moved on. When Christianity found itself into a favorable influence, it had to go back and invent its history to jusify itself. You must remember, that no earlier than the 5th Century A.D was a Jesus Christ ever pictured on Cross. In fact Christians, who were called CHRESTIANS, deemed a man on a Cross as a pagan imitated heresy even as early as the 3rd Century A.D.. As you seeCrucified Gods and Virgin Births were ideas of pagan origin too.

These tombs and special followings in India that designate Christian apostles as finally living in India, Kashmir or all sorts of wild locations is perhaps a combination of 2 things. A cultural battle was ensuing between the Hindus and Christians still going on unto this day. TRex, do you realize there are people all over the world that claim to have the tomb of Jesus? It is not narrow minded to doubt some of these claims. I believe it is gullible to take every legend seriously at face value.

The Exploits of Julius Caesar into the territory of the Gauls and Germany could have easily sparked off the original legend Jesus and Joseph of Arimithea migrational legends were church inventions of migrating into the same areas mere decades after Caesar spread Roman Imperilaism there. Even Caesar noticed and documented a strong similarity between the Gaulish Gods and the Roman Ones. This is why Christianity cannot take hostage any culture pretending to be as Ancient.

You also mentioned there was evidence Jesus survived the Cross? Where did you get that? From The Book HOLY BLOOD/HOLY GRAIL? That was a theory proprosed without any evidence, TRex. You still have to prove Jesus even existed in the literal Gospel Form.

It was the Caesar Family and Calpurnius Piso Familiy that resurrected this notion of a 1st Century A.D. Messiah Jesus. With Constantines final demand as descending from the Piso's, this became The Great Religion of the West. Constantine believed himself to be the more recent incarnation of APOLLO and even had a statue of Apollo removed from a temple to place in front of his own daily dwellings. Constantine was wishing to unite all the pagans and gnostics from fighting among themselves with the agreement of his Generals and priests he would become the New God of Constantinople. He wished to be The Messiah everyone was seeking. Most Christian Scholars decline to publish that far into how Constantine saw himself as a living God, just as The Caesars and Pharaohs did.

TRex, if you have to go, then go. Come back and visit sometime. You may call us narrow minded. Yes the true path is narrow indeed. At least I refrained upon calling you naive up until now.

Since it was very obvious you did not read Charles Popes Chapters and other peoples posts on the formula how India was affected by the Middle East and Europe or any topic for that matter. It is a futile effort to discuss with you, not because we disagree, but because you are too lazy to read and comprehend our posts for proper discourse.

Did you not know that Abraham, Abram, Ab-Ram, Brahma, Ab-Sin, Pharaoh Mam-Abrey, Djeuti, were all one and the same person as we had proposed? Have we not already posted that? Did we not already say their travels and authority reaches further than most historians recognize? They were not from India. In fact the Eastern and Western Scholars will even tell you Brahma was not from India, but was an Indo-European Invader.The Brahman Caste System was brought into India by the Indo-European Invaders around 3,500 B.C..

Abraham and Sarah are the equivalent of Brahma and Sarvati in India. Hindu legend said Brahma lived in Heaven (UR? or from beyond the Holy Mountains) and brought with them the knowledge of the Sciences. Hindu Legend also says Brahama again was kicked out of India by Shiva over an oath issue of the length of the Phallas of Shiva. LOL. This shows that neither did Brahma originate in India, but he also left India as the number and popularity of his temples began to wane over later centuries. This begins to debunk any notion of yours or any author you claim that every Pharaoh and Jew was from India.

Taoism originated when Pharaoh Tao I spread his authority into the Orient. Taoism teaches a Great Dragon culture from Heaven taught this wisdom originally. Thats funny because there was a Dragon Culture (Djedi's) that had a Royal Dragon Court in Egypt and in Pre-Sumeria. Even Tiamat was referred to as a Dragon.

The Indo-European Scholarship has encountered some recent conflict from an evolving Scholarship phenomena growing in India. There is a growing amount of Historians and Scholars in India that are trying to claim a Hindu-Centric application to all history. The same phemoena we can now see evolving in the Black Communities as Afro-Centricism. We have blacks now claiming Egypt was theirs and theirs alone and only they built the pyramids and they were all the Pharaoh's.

There is a cultural war going on in our Universities, Highschools and Education Channels. TRex, you my friend are buying into (Hindu) Barata-Centricism. This does not mean I could ever deny some effects that came from India into the West. One cannot deny the Wests influence upon India either. Brahma being a perfect example. Another myth example that the Hindu's absorbed from the West or more of the Middle East in the idea of the demons often referred to as THE ASURAS. These Asuras are found no later written than the 7th Century B.C.. This is because the Asuras were none other than The ASSYRIAN Empire Armies trying to invade and conquer India. Later this would include the Hindu's embrace the Deava's as their new guadians and protecters. The Daevas produced descendants that would later come to protect India from further invaders. The Daevas and Asura seem to evolve from a Indo-European/Iranian spread. The Hindu Daeva's were the Indo-European conquerers from 3,500 B.C. and the Asuras come around 3,000 years later to do the same. You see TRex, the Indus Valley peoples ended up either worshipping or villainizing all their conquerers from the west. Do not doubt either that the concepts of Karma and Dharma were further propaganda brought in by the Indo-European/Indo-Iranian "Daeva's" to subdue the people they conquered as to surrendering all their will and property to these conquerers. Propaganda is usually the laws the tryrant hands to the slave.


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